Meet Our Team

Kim & Fred, Owners

We have owned our boarding, grooming, daycare facility, Creature Comforts Animal Inn, since August of 2005. We have two beautiful and successful daughters, Jessica and Samantha. We have three dogs named Stella, Lilly, and Kipper. We have a rescue cat named Speedy. We have two bunnies named Theodore and Sugar and two pet dwarf goats named Audrey and Jasmine. We really enjoy caring for animals; we love all animals. We appreciate our customers trust in us to care for their animals, no matter what the reason, and we take the responsibility very seriously. We do our best to make our facility feel like a pets' home away from home, by treating them with love and care. We show our customers we appreciate their business by returning their pets to them happy, healthy, and clean and continuously updating our facility to keep it a safe, clean, and a happy place for your pets to visit all year long. All our employees are all hard working, caring, and professional, and are truly like family to us.

Jay, Manager

Jay is the manager at Creature Comforts and has been working here since 2016. She has two dogs named Lilah and Brody, two Sphynx cats named Baldwin and Archibald, and a Flemish Giant Rabbit named Romeo. Jay hikes with her dogs often and loves to spend time at home with all of her pets. She is also a dog trainer and loves helping dogs with behavioral issues. Jay's passion in life is animals and their happiness, health, and wellbeing.

Victoria, Kennel Attendant

Victoria has worked at Creature Comforts for many years as a kennel attendant. At home, she has a beautiful cat named Ember. Victoria has always been interested in environmental science and conservation biology and is currently furthering her degree in both fields. During her free time, she loves volunteering with wildlife animals.

Alyssa, Bather & Kennel Attendant

Alyssa has been working at Creature Comforts as a kennel attendant since 2008. She has two dogs named Logan and Max, a horse named Calvin, and two cats named Annie and Boopey Ann. Alyssa graduated from Becker College in 2015 with a degree in animal care management. She loves to hike with her dogs during her free time and ride her horse.

Heather, Groomer

Heather has been working at Creature Comforts as a groomer since 2013. She has a cat named Luka and a dog named Koda. She loves to go for hikes with Koda during her free time. Heather is certified as a veterinary assistant. While looking for a new veterinary assistant job, she came across dog grooming jobs. This interest in grooming led her to became a certified dog groomer, and she then started grooming at Creature Comforts. She loves what she does and says it's been the only job she's been happy to stay doing.

Olivia, Kennel Attendant

Olivia has been working at Creature Comforts as a kennel attendant since 2016. She has a horse named Pip, a dog named Boomer, and a bearded dragon named Mooshu. She is currently a student at the University of New Hampshire studying to be a veterinary technician. Olivia likes to go to the beach with her dog and enter competitions with her horse.

Jessica, Bather & Kennel Attendant

Jess has been working at Creature Comforts as a kennel attendant and bather since 2016. At home she has 4 dogs: Tommen, Dosia, Fern, and Fox Mulder, a cat named Simi, and a tortoise name Oogway. During her free time, she loves to watch movies and hike with her dogs. You can usually find her spending time and playing in the yard with them at home. She also has fun buying cute collars and dressing up her two littlest dogs.

Jill, Groomer

Jill has been working at Creature Comforts as a dog groomer since 2015. She has a dog named Buster and a cat named Mikey. Jill first become a pet bather and discovered that she liked working with animals. She decided to further her career and became a certified groomer. Jill is passionate about making grooming experiences positive for dogs and has gotten certified in fear-free grooming. In her free time, she likes to take walks or go for car rides with her dog, Buster.

Ally, Daycare & Kennel Attendant

Ally has been working at Creature Comforts as a kennel attendant and daycare attendant since 2017. She has a dog named Remi and a horse named Speak Easy. During her free time, Ally likes to hike with Remi, compete in jumping shows with her horse and drive a team of horses for many fall and winter events.

Jasmine, Kennel Attendant

Jasmine has been working at Creature Comforts as a kennel attendant since 2017. She has a dog named Sadie that she likes to go on hikes with during her free time. Jasmine has taken many classes related to animals such as marine biology, zoology, and a veterinary course. She often spends her summer months volunteering in Puerto Rico with homeless dogs.

Sam, Kennel Attendant

Sam has been working at Creature Comforts as a kennel attendant since 2018. She is currently attending The University of Connecticut for Mechanical/Biomedical Engineering. She has two dogs named Cookie and Mia. In her free, time Sam likes to go for walks with her dogs and spend quality time at home with them. Sam likes to explore with her dog Cookie, and they visit new places together often.

Chandler, Kennel Attendant

Chandler has been working at Creature Comforts as a kennel attendant since 2018. She has 3 bulldogs: Mack, Lucha, Bolton, a pig named Pryscilla, and a turtle named Shelldon. Chandler likes to paint in her spare time or take her bulldogs to the dog park and swimming. Chandler loves all animals the same, big and small, furry or farm animals.

Angelica, Kennel Attendant

Angelica has been working at Creature Comforts as a kennel attendant since 2018. She has a dog named Krypto that she loves to hike and swim with during her free time. Angelica used to live and work on her family farm in Puerto Rico where she took care of all different types of livestock and harvested many types of crops. Animals and agriculture are one of the many things that bring her much joy.

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