We are open Sunday – Friday 8am – 6pm and Saturdays 8am – 12pm including all holidays except Thanksgiving and Christmas. Even though we are here caring for your pets on Thanksgiving and Christmas, we are not open for drop offs and pickups those two days of the year.

We accept cash and checks as forms of payment and require a 50% deposit at drop off the first time your pet stays with us.

We welcome you to come by for a tour of our facility. The best time to come for a tour is between 1-3 pm because we will have the most time to spend with you, but you are welcome to come by anytime we are open.
We have a client agreement form that needs to be filled out for any of our services; it provides us with information about your pet and contact numbers for us to reach you if we have questions while caring for your pet. You can find it online, print it out and fill it out at home or you can fill it out when you arrive at our kennel. For dogs, we need to see proof of rabies, distemper and bordatella (kennel cough vaccine). For cats, we need to see proof of rabies and feline distemper.
No, we can and will care for all breeds of dogs and cats. The more information you can provide to us about your pets' personality and needs the better we can care for them.
Dogs are let out into the play yard 4-5 times a day and there are no extra charges for playtime. It's the owner's choice if their dog goes into the play yard with other dogs or goes out into the play yard alone with just us. We remove all collars including flea collar when a pet stays with as a safety precaution. We avoid the chance of dogs getting tangled or caught up in each other's collars or the fencing.
Yes, we can and will give oral medications to your pet at no extra charge.

Needle medications like insulin and IV treatments can also be given for a small extra charge of $2 per insulin shot and $5 per IV treatment.

We honestly will do anything that will help make your pets stay with us comfortable and positive.
Our large runs are 4½ ft x 4½ ft inside and 4½ ft x 10 ft outside (very comfortable for two large dogs). Our medium runs are 3 ft x 6 ft inside and 3 ft x 10 ft outside. Our small runs are 3 ft x 3 ft inside and 3 ft x 10 ft outside. All runs have a doggie door in-between that we like to keep open weather permitting. Every run has access to water 24 hours a day and a kennel decking that provides a sanitary and comfortable surface for our dogs to lie on. In addition, everyone has nice comfy bedding at night or all day if the dog is older or owner requests it. All dogs get outside time in one of our 6 play yards 4-5 times a day. We don't charge extra for this service because we think the extra outside time and exercise is fun, healthy and very important part of caring for all our dogs.
Yes, they can still board with us, but it might restrict or limit them from finding friends to play with while they are here. Not all dogs need to be dog friendly; they get the same time out in the play yard whether they are out with other dogs or using the yard alone.
You don't need to bring anything except proof of current vaccines. Dogs need rabies, distemper and bordatella (kennel cough). Cats need rabies and feline distemper. We have food and bedding for all our guests but you can bring your own if you want to. We don't charge any extra either way. We want you and your pet to feel as comfortable and happy as possible. We just want you to know ahead of time we can't always guarantee the toys and bedding you bring in will go home in the same condition you brought it in. We have had our washer or dryer damage bedding and we have had dogs pull bedding through fencing and damage it. We also have had dogs bring their toys out into the play yard and they get lost or damaged. Feel free to bring in items you want your pet to have, but maybe not your pets' favorite ones just in case.
Yes, the cats are upstairs in an area we call the cattery. They stay in spacious kitty condos and town houses 4½ ft x 6½ ft x 6½ ft with skylights and kitty furniture. We provide the litter box, food, furniture, and toys but you are welcome to bring anything you want to make your cat's stay more comfortable. We do not let the cats out of their condos to socialize with the other cats, but they do lots of socializing with their neighbors next to them. It's a great area for them, please come by for a tour of our facility anytime.
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