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My Name is Kim and I have been an Independent Representative for Life's Abundance since 2011, and a customer since 2009. I feed Life's Abundance to my three dogs and three cats. My furry family is now ailment free with a soft shiny coat, small firm stools, and lots of good energy. My Miniature Poodle has no more allergy problems (itchy ears and biting at his feet), my Sheppard Husky mix sheds 80% less, and my white Havanese has clear eyes and no more tear stains. My cats rarely throw up hair balls because their coat and skin are healthier and they don't lose as much fur. Their little bodies are firmer and they lost those pooches that were hanging down below their belly. These were all problems caused by poorly manufactured foods with fillers and low quality ingredients.

I know the Life's Abundance food I feed my pets is made in small batches, contains no corn, wheat, or gluten fillers, uses only high quality premium grade ingredients, contains outstanding nutrition, and meets the high standards of AAFCO. Life's Abundance also has one of the highest K-cals/cup 482 which is the amount of available nutrition and how digestible it is per cup. What good is it if the nutrition isn't digestible and goes right through them? I believe this is the safest and healthiest food on the market, which is why I became an Independent Representative. I feel good knowing that by feeding my dogs and cats this nutritious food they will live a longer, happier, and healthier life with me.

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Is Life's Abundance Right For My Pet?

If your pet suffers from itchy skin, a dull coat, dry skin, hot spots, excessive shedding, ear infections, lack of energy, or digestive issues, Life's Abundance premium dog and cat food could help. Try Life's Abundance for 3 months and you will see an amazing difference in your cat or dog. For increased results, try our Premium Health Systems and add a supplement for Wellness, Skin & Coat, or Agility (for aging, larger, and arthritic dogs and cats).

Creation of Life's Abundance

Dr. Jane Bicks, who is now retired, was one of the nations premier holistic veterinarians and our pet product formulator. She was the inspiration and guiding force behind all of our pet products. She was also one of the pioneers of alternative veterinary medicine and has authored three pet care and nutrition books. Dr. Jane has served on numerous professional boards, including the Cornell Feline Health Center. When she was not overseeing new product formulation or educating the public about animal nutrition, she was busy helping direct the good work of the Dr. Jane's HealthyPetNet Foundation.

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